Ferment for Kefir Fruit (Bottle 4 gr)

Kefir of fruit, originally from Iran, is a refreshing fermented drink. There are many recipes for kefirs with fruit (with lemon, orange, apple, grape, figs......)

For reasons of microbiological criteria we do not recommend the use of dried fruit. From experience, we recommend the use of lemon.

Kefir de fruits is the most sought-after drink among the peoples of the Mediterranean region. It can be drunk with a meal and promotes the sowing of the food bowl.



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- 1 ferment for kefir of fruits Yalacta

- ½ lemon

- 40 g powdered sugar

- 1 litre of mineral water

Put all the ingredients in a closed but not waterproof jar. Keep at kitchen temperature for 48 hours. Let settle and pour the supernatant into a lemonade bottle and put in a cool place. The preparation of fruit kefir does not require any special equipment. It must be drunk very fresh.