Fucus (Wrack) – Fresh organic plant extract 50 ML

The Benefits of Fucus Extract

Fucus is a very good supplement to a varied and balanced diet. It is traditionally used for its slimming action and to help control and maintain a healthy weight.
The fucus is a true appetite suppressant and causes a quick feeling of satiety while avoiding deficiencies and the feeling of fatigue. It has an interesting action on intestinal transit.
Ingredient from organic farming.



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The extracts of Ladrôme laboratory fresh plants come from a traditional know-how. They meet the manufacturing and control requirements of the Pharmacopoeia, from the manufacturing process to the conformity analysis of the final product. After the harvest, the plants are transformed: finely crushed, they macerate for at least three weeks in a mixture of water and organic alcohol; this mixture is stirred daily. This process makes it possible to extract the maximum of substances that are soluble in water and alcohol, the alcohol serving at the same time as a preservative. The solution thus obtained is decanted and filtered to obtain the plant extract which will then be packaged at the production site in Drôme.
Unlike modern chemical medicine that uses only isolated active ingredients, herbal medicine uses parts of plants or whole plants that act thanks to the multiplicity of their active components (called totum).
A plant extract or mother tincture is a hydroalcoholic solution concentrated in the active ingredients of a medicinal plant. After harvest, fresh plants are immediately macerated. Finely crushed, they macerate for at least three weeks in organic alcohol. The mixture is stirred daily. The solution thus obtained is then pressed, decanted and filtered to obtain the plant extract.
Each plant extract thus has particular properties due to its unique composition of active ingredients!
Simple and uncomplicated use
All fresh plant extracts from Ladrôme laboratory are equipped with a dropper plug for precise and easy use.It is
better to consume them diluted in a little water, fruit juice, in an infusion or tea.
It is advisable not to exceed the daily dose indicated, to respect the duration of the cure and to keep the extracts out of reach of children. Extracts are not recommended for children
under 6 years old. The Fresh Plant Extracts Ladrôme laboratory are food supplements. They should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Fucus (Wrack) – Fresh organic plant extract 50 ML

Latin name: Fucus vesiculosus)

Part used: thallus.

Manufacturing: After harvest, the plants are transformed: finely crushed, they macerate for at least three weeks in a mixture of water and organic alcohol; this mixture is stirred daily.
Hydro-alcoholic extraction.
Active ingredients: iodine.
Food supplement certified by Ecocert.

Hydro-alcoholic extract of Fucus vesiculosus *.
(*) Ingredient from organic farming.

Origin: France.

Botany: The flexible and elastic sling branches dichotomously and is in the form of ribbons 20 to 100 cm long, up to 2 cm wide. She wears aeriform vesicles or floats called aerocysts or pneumatocysts which allow her to maintain a certain buoyancy to catch the light while remaining attached to the substrate by her crampon. This algae is dark olive-brown, but the gaseous vesicles are lighter. In the center of each division of the sling, there is a median coast (pseudonervure) and at the end, at the time of reproduction (usually spring but we find fertile feet all year in Brittany), others yellowish vesicles more coarse: these receptacles contain the male or female reproductive cells (dioecious species, the bulging of the female foot releases a green jelly, that of male foot an orange jelly). The seaweed clings to the substrate by a crampon (irregularly shaped adhesive disk) from which a round or oval section stipe rises.

Its properties:

- Internal use
Laxative; promotes digestion and intestinal transit in general; deficiency repairer; stimulation of the thyroid gland; appetite suppressant by its satiety enhancer effect; anti-obesity; anti-inflammatory.

- External use
Muscle relaxant ; anti-inflammatory; emollient.

- Usual therapeutic indications
Weight loss thanks to the high fiber content and a quick impression of satiety: thanks to the mucilaginous structure of the thalli of the fucus, the feeling of gastric fullness is very fast. The thalli rehydrate quickly and their volume increases significantly to have a mechanical appetite suppressant effect. The high iodine content acts as a "fat burner". Fight against gastric acidity and heartburn; fight against constipation by a laxative effect; improves the appearance of nails, hair and skin; treatment of thyroid problems; treatment of vitamin and trace element deficiencies (remineralization of the body); stimulation of the thyroid gland.

- Other therapeutic indications demonstrated
Arteriosclerosis; high blood pressure, lymphadenopathy; treatment of sprains and relief of inflammation of the joints; asthenia, fatigue; anti-inflammatory; emollient; relief of rheumatic pains and rheumatoid arthritis; fight against dermatological problems like psoriasis.

Recommended use:
30 to 40 drops diluted in a drink, 3 times a day (or 3.8 ml per day), for 3 weeks.

An overdose on the medium or long term can lead to an excess of iodine and hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Fucus is therefore generally not recommended for people with thyroid problems. Algae can be loaded with heavy metals, so fucus is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Baths and poultices should not be used in the presence of wounds or oozing dermatitis. Fucus is also contraindicated in case of tachycardias, angina (angina pectoris), hypersensitivity to iodine.
Side effects

Prolonged consumption of fucus can lead to hypersensitivity or hyperthyroidism with palpitations, stress, insomnia. Over consumption of iodine can lead to skin damage, acne development, heavy salivation or gastric irritation. It is recommended not to exceed 150 micrograms of iodine per day over an extended period of time.

Precautions for use:
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for children under 6 years. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. Seek advice from a therapist if you take insulin or thyroid disease. A dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Store at room temperature, in a dry place and protected from light.


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