Tangerine essential oil 10 ML

The Benefits of Organic Mandarin Essential Oil

Tangerine essential oil promotes relaxation in case of transient agitation, Antistress for adults it calms anxiety and fights insomnia of children.

Certified organic



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Latin name: Citrus reticulata

Distilled body: fresh zest.

Manufacture: cold expression. It takes about 100 kg of zest for 1 kg of essential oil.

Citrus reticulata *.
(*) From organic farming.

Origin: Italy / USA.

Botanical: The Mandarin Tree is a small, evergreen, bright tree with fragrant white flowers and an orange fruit. Originally from China, mandarin owes its name to Chinese mandarins who, by tradition, received this fruit as a gift. Tangerine peels provide a much used essence in the composition of perfume, drinks and sweets.
What does a MANDARIN essential oil look like? Appearance: liquid may become turbid by lowering the temperature / Color: green / Odor: characteristic of the skin of the fresh fruit.

Its properties:
- Calming, relaxing: Antistress for the big ones it calms the anxiety and fights the insomnia of the children
- Promotes sleep
- Anti stretch marks
- Antiseptic: it is particularly effective in atmospheric diffusion to disinfect the ambient air. It has a bactericidal, antiviral and antifungal action.
- Regulates the sebum in the hair;

Recommended use: This oil is photosensitizing. Do not expose yourself to the sun for hours after use.
- Oily skin ; 1 drop in hazelnut cream. Every night before going to bed.
- Anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness, stress, nervous tension: dilute in a vegetable oil to massage the solar plexus, the wrists and along the spine.

DIFFUSION, OLFACTION: mandarin is excellent in diffusion to favor a relaxed atmosphere
- Anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness, stress, nervous tension Appeasement, to facilitate falling asleep: In atmospheric diffusion, in synergy with other oils (lavender, petit grain bigarde ...)
- Relaxing bath or shower:
- Bath: 10 drops mixed with 1 tablespoon of basic bath
- Shower: 1 to 2 drops in a hand full of shower gel.

Contraindication :

Do not use in pregnant or lactating women.

Do not use in children under 3 years

- All routes of use are possible but precautions are to be taken in dermal application, the essential oil is dermocaustic if it is applied pure.
- Mandarin essential oil is not recommended for gallstones.
- Be sure to seek medical advice before using Mandarin essential oil for people with asthma.
- The essential oil of Green Mandarin is irritating and dermocaustic in its pure state, so it must be diluted to 20% in a vegetable oil before any cutaneous application (20% of essential oil with 80% of vegetable oil). Apply only very locally.
- The essential oil of Green Mandarin must not be used in high dose and for a long duration because of the risk of nephrotoxicity

Note: It is best to test the essential oil before use (two drops in the elbow for at least 24 hours to check that there is no reaction).

Please note that this information does not constitute a medical opinion. They are given for information purposes. For any use for therapeutic purposes, consult an aromatherapy doctor, or ask the advice of your doctor before any use (especially in case of medical treatment, epilepsy, asthma, hypersensitivity ...).
The information on this website does not replace the opinion of a health professional.


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