Set Tuning forks Quartz crystal balancing of Chakra 440 Hz

Set of 3 high quality tuning forks, in pure crystal quartz.
Designed for professional practitioners.

The chakra balancing set contains:
1 x tuning fork in root chakra note C ± 38-40 cm
1 x tuning fork heart chakra crystal note FA ± 35-38 cm
1 x tuning fork in crown chakra SI note ± 39-41 cm
3 x glass mallets coated with silicone
1 x professional aluminum padded case
Including an information leaflet in English, Dutch, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Product specification
Rod diameter: ± 2 cm
Purity: 99.9% quartz
The note is mentioned on the head of the handle of each tuning fork



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Tuning forks Quartz Cristal
Each tuning fork is struck for several minutes with a rubber mallet. It is an excellent tool for meditation, balance and healthy healing. Increases concentration, immobility and a sense of calm; through their resonance, deep healing takes place as their crystalline sound waves vibrate through bones, meridian systems and chakra points.

Beware of the sound waves!
Use with caution. Crystal tuning forks are fragile, use only the rubber mallet, never beat too hard and only in the middle of the shaft. After use, place the tuning fork on a soft surface only or directly in the padded case.