CD There's No PLace Like Ohm Vol. 1

Listening to this CD is Musical Medicine; it is immediately relaxing, a beautiful Sound Odyssey that allows you to resonate and journey with the Ohm tone like never before.



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Many chant the Om mantra, however, this CD was created without the human voice, in the Musical Key of Ohm (OM), and focuses instead on the voices heard in nature, through wind instruments and animal sounds. Listen to the heralding of the Armenian duduk, the haunting voice of the didgeridoo, the whisper of the Native American Flute, the whale's song... Tantric Buddhist scripture tells us that Ohm is the most powerful vibration. The Ohm frequency is based on the elliptical orbit of the Earth as it travels around our Sun through the 4 seasons. Therefore, Ohm can be thought of as our "Musical Center of Gravity." Listen for relaxation, stress reduction, while meditating and practising Yoga. Recommended for use with Ohm Tuning Forks.