Beurer illuminated alarm clock WL 32

Are you tired of being woken up suddenly while you were sound asleep? Avoid these situations with the bright alarm clock that wakes you up naturally with a light that gradually intensifies. To start the day better.



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2 possible alarm settings
Snooze function (5 to 60 min)
10 radio presets
Adjustable light intensity
Good night function: fall asleep with the radio (5 to 90 minutes)
Can also be used as a night light
AUX cable included (possibility to connect to an mp3 player)

Size: 10 x 10 x 10 x 19 cm
Weight: approx. 181 g
Power adapter included
Battery operation possible (without light)
Spare battery (saves time and settings during a power failure)

Batteries not included

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WL 32