Crystal singing bowls Chakra SET 1: 7 bowls 432 Hz

This set of crystal singing bowls is selected based on the seven chakra tones and not on size. Therefore the set may contain bowls of the same size.

Together with this set, we recommend to order our special transport bags (art. no. 1780 and 1780/1) for crystal singing bowls. This way you are sure of a safe transport of your delicate bowls.





This set consists of:
1 singing bowl A-tone 30 cms
1 singing bowl B-tone 30 cms
1 singing bowl C-tone 30 cms
1 singing bowl D-tone 25 cms
1 singing bowl E-tone 30 cms
1 singing bowl F-tone 25 cms
1 singing bowl G-tone 25 cms
7 leather mallets
7 rubber stability rings
Extra: 1 rubber mallet (article number 1715)
The musical scale “C D E F G A B” is connected to our chakras:
C: 1st chakra - Root chakra
D: 2nd chakra - Sacral chakra
E: 3rd chakra - Solar Plexus chakra
F: 4th chakra - Heart chakra
G: 5th chakra - Throat chakra
A: 6th chakra - Brow chakra
B: 7th chakra - Crown chakra
432 Hertz (Hz)
Sound and music consist in vibrations. The higher the number of vibrations per second, the higher the tone. The unit for this is the Hertz (Hz). 432 Hz is the natural "tone pitch" of the universe. That tone is intertwined in nature, in mathematics, in planetary orbits, in the entire universe. All classical music by Bach, Brahms and so on, was composed and was originally performed using the 'standard' A (=A4) on 432Hz. Our series of “432 Hz” crystal singing bowls are also tuned in this way. This leads to the following frequencies in the tones we sell*:

C4 = 257 Hz
D4 = 289 Hz
E4 = 324 Hz
F4 = 343 Hz
G4 = 385 Hz
A3 = 216 Hz
B3 = 244 Hz
See also: Frequencies for equal-tempered scale, A4 = 432 Hz
Extra information

There are seven musical notes that correspond to the seven colours of the rainbow, and these are related to the seven main Chakras, energy centers along the vertebrae. The Chakras all possess a different resonant frequency. The pure tones of crystal bowls produce a vibrational sound field that resonates the body's energy centers (Chakras) and corresponding physical areas. The Crystal Bowls act directly on our chakras and facilitate balance and higher consciousness as well as healing in the Chakras.

Sound has been used throughout history to awaken, enhance and attune each Chakra, in many cultures. Because each chakra is vibrational in nature, and resonates at different frequencies, there are specific ‘seed sounds’, chants, and pitches used for these purposes. One of the most popular systems of sound healing therapies is the use of specific pitches to awaken or attune, each Chakra. The modern Western system of music is actually based upon ancient derivatives of sound and pitch in alignment with what the ancients called the ‘Universal Harmonies.’ It was common understanding that differing frequencies, pitches, and harmonies, can provide different qualities of healing, as well as the opposite! These levels of understanding can take decades to truly comprehend and integrate into our own ‘knowing. So, we will not go too deeply into it here.

These Crystal Singing Bowls are made of almost 100 percent pure quartz crystal, a naturally occurring element. The crystal is heated to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,200 degrees Celsius) and cast in a mould. Because our bodies are also composed of a crystalline structure, using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for healing and meditation allows us to respond more quickly and favourably to the sound as therapy. This is why crystals are a key element in many different holistic medicine healing practices.

Disclaimer: Any healing properties outlined are in no way meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.


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