Dreamland Hemi-Sync® Audio CD

Relax as you drift off into sleep with the delicate music of Laura Nashman, Michael Moon and Hemi-Sync®

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Relax as you drift off into sleep with the delicate music of Laura Nashman, Michael Moon and Hemi-Sync®

Centered…balanced…serene. These are just a few of the states you may experience as the elegant and mesmerizing soundscapes of Laura Nashman and Michael Moon, and Hemi-Sync® frequencies carry you from deep relaxation into restful sleep. The magic of this composition lies in the tranquil melodies, absent of direct rhythms that allow you to flow with your own natural rhythms as you drift into dreamland. Instruments include: alto flute, silver flute, native flute, vibraharp, orchestra bells, wind chimes, and crystal chimes.

According to recent research, Dreamland was found to be effective in treating veterans with post-deployment stress.

Duration: 63 mn
Made in the United States

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Laura Nashman

Dreamland, Lullaby with Hemi-Sync®

Laura Nashman

Laura has been recording classical, new age, and concept CD’s for over a decade. Trained in flute performance at the University of Toronto with flutist, Douglas Stewart, Laura has also studied in master classes with the famous virtuoso, William Bennett, Geoffrey Gilbert, Robert Aitken and Jeanne Baxstresser. With her exquisite tone colour range, Laura paints melodies with her flutes which include alto and Native American flutes.

She has 10 CD’s to her credit, including the popular gold CD, Lullababy with pianist, John Alonso. As an experienced musician and sound designer, Laura offers superb musical creations. She has an in-depth knowledge of the healing power of sound.

Her new label, Spa-la-la, is a collection of CD’s featuring flute with complimentary instruments designed for relaxation, healing, meditation, and enjoyment.

Traditionally, the sound of the flute has been associated with Pan, the Greek figure who played the reed flute. The mythology related to Pan and his flute bring one into a pastoral fantasy identity with flute music. The legends pertaining to the 'pied piper' also lend themselves to the flute's magical and hypnotic qualities.

For years flute music has been a source of inspiration, relaxation and spiritual contemplation. Today, many people use flute music for relaxation, wellness, and healing.

The CD's recorded by Laura Nashman are instruments of inspiration and healing. They offer pure relaxation and melodies that warm the heart and soothe the soul.

Michael Moon


 Michael Moon is an award winning composer, musician and performer from Toronto, Canada. For the past 20 years he has researched and specialized in the power sound has to heal and transform.

 Michael has studied many healing modalities and currently works as a sound healer, astrologer, and photographer as well as an international recording and performing artist.

 Michael's five CDs are used widely for meditation, yoga, massage, deep relaxation, and healing sessions. Though much of his music is very delicate, spacious and ambient, some of his music has been compared to a combination of Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen. With his deeply mystical lyrics combined with shamanic techniques and integrated with solid pop structures.

 The music is composed, performed and recorded by Michael Moon with a variety of exotic instruments including vibraharp, hammered dulcimer, marimba, bells, crystals, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, guitars and percussion. To enhance the healing qualities of the music no sequencers or synthesizers are utilized.

 These compelling sonic productions incorporate Michael Moon’s unique methods of sound therapy creating a powerful yet gentle atmosphere in which healing is facilitated. His modus operandi is to help harmonize humanity back to the vibrations of nature and help us hear the unique song of our soul.

 Through all this Michael's music crosses many boundaries, between genres and between worlds, creating a sonic bridge to the divine—a living temple of sound.

The Hemi-Sync Process

Hemi-Sync, an abbreviation of Hemisphere and Synchronization, is a natural process that uses specific sound frequencies, capable of synchronizing the right and left hemispheres of your brain. This state of synchronization transforms the diffuse force of the hemispheres of your brain into a state of concentrated mental power that is unique for a specific purpose.

The recorded sound effects, instruments and Hemi-Sync frequency combinations are intended to help you reach a state of focused consciousness, the result of a brain acting in a unified way. The Hemi-Sync process helps you to permanently synchronize brain waves from both hemispheres that are naturally incoherent in order to improve and optimize human performance.

The continuous research developed in the laboratories of the Monroe Institute, in the United States, offers anyone wishing to develop their personal potential a formidable range of tools for applications such as: relaxation, stress reduction, high creativity, meditation, extended states of consciousness, accelerated learning, enhanced physical and psychological performance, accelerated healing, pain reduction, etc. On all continents, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, masseurs and sports coaches as well as thousands of other people use Hemi-Sync to achieve these goals or to help others achieve them. And today you can also make the most of the Hemi-Sync method at home, in your living room or in your bedroom with a simple hi-fi system or headphones.