Concentration Hemi-Sync® Audio CD

Develop laser-like focus and concentration with this classic non-verbal Hemi-Sync® recording.

Perfect for any mental task requiring focus and concentration. Use at home, work or school while studying, reading, working on a computer or balancing a checkbook. Pink noise combined with Hemi-Sync® frequencies for focus and concentration can be played in the background or used with headphones to enhance mental capabilities while stimulating creativity and imagination. 58 min. Non-verbal.

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Concentration (does not contain verbal instructions or music)
Ideal for all mental tasks that require concentration and attention: can be used at home, at the office or school in the background or with headphones while studying, reading or working on a computer.  You will improve your mental abilities while stimulating your creativity and imagination.

Duration: 58 mn
Made in the United States

Article not returned or exchanged after opening.

The Concentration CD contains only white noise, which covers Hemi-Sync® frequencies. Most people who have never listened to white noise think that this CD is defective because they expect music or verbal instructions.

This CD works correctly and must be listened to while you are studying or working and want to stay focused. Low frequencies play their role as a facilitator of concentration, and even if you can't hear anything in your ear, your brain is more alert than ever and can stay focused longer and more easily.

The Hemi-Sync Process

Hemi-Sync, an abbreviation of Hemisphere and Synchronization, is a natural process that uses specific sound frequencies, capable of synchronizing the right and left hemispheres of your brain. This state of synchronization transforms the diffuse force of the hemispheres of your brain into a state of concentrated mental power that is unique for a specific purpose.

The recorded sound effects, instruments and Hemi-Sync frequency combinations are intended to help you reach a state of focused consciousness, the result of a brain acting in a unified way. The Hemi-Sync process helps you to permanently synchronize brain waves from both hemispheres that are naturally incoherent in order to improve and optimize human performance.

The continuous research developed in the laboratories of the Monroe Institute, in the United States, offers anyone wishing to develop their personal potential a formidable range of tools for applications such as: relaxation, stress reduction, high creativity, meditation, extended states of consciousness, accelerated learning, enhanced physical and psychological performance, accelerated healing, pain reduction, etc. On all continents, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, masseurs and sports coaches as well as thousands of other people use Hemi-Sync to achieve these goals or to help others achieve them. And today you can also make the most of the Hemi-Sync method at home, in your living room or in your bedroom with a simple hi-fi system or headphones.