Aromafume incense bricks White Sage and Sandalwood

100% natural non-toxic incense bricks from Aromafume!
The incense bricks are heated, which releases the incense fragrance.
No toxic combustion.

Aromafume incense bricks White Sage and Sandalwood.
Olfactory profile: Purifying & woody.

Information leaflet included in English, Dutch, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Warning: Can only be used in combination with an Exotic Incense Diffuser. These are specifically designed to achieve the correct temperature for the aroma of the Aromafume incense bricks and for safe use. Other devices are not suitable!



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Each incense brick is enriched with a variety of natural ingredients, including aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural bark, tree and tree extracts, resins, leaves and flowers. The fragrance oils used in the production of the incense bricks are 100% IFRA compliant and always responsibly sourced. (
Ashless | minimal smoke | non-toxic | super fragrant

How to use the Aromafume Exotic Incense Diffuser and Incense Bricks?
The Exotic Incense Diffuser is specially designed to reach the right temperature for the aroma of the Aromafume Incense Bricks. Other devices are not suitable!
- Light a candle. Place it in an Exotic Incense Diffuser.
- Place the incense brick on the copper plate.
- Allow the candle to burn for 45 to 60 minutes. The diffuser will be hot, do not touch it!
- Blow out the candle and let the device and the brick cool down.
- The incense brick will turn black and hard when used, it will not melt.
- Dispose of the used brick with biodegradable waste.

History of Aromafume
Aromafume incense bricks are produced by an Indian family business. For over 5 generations, this family has been making incense and perfumery products according to their secret family recipe. They combine the age-old art of natural handmade incense with a variety of contemporary fragrances.

India is home to many spices and incense resins and has a long history of incense making. India is also home to the rich tradition of Ayurveda with its deep knowledge of the healing properties of plants, herbs and flowers. The interaction of the spice trade with Ayurvedic principles has created an exchange of knowledge and the development of many beautiful forms of incense.