Mamilla Anti-ironing balm for breastfeeding women - 35 ml

Prevention and treatment of cracked nipples with Mamilla

Avoid sore nipples during breastfeeding by massaging breasts and areolas daily during pregnancy with Mamilla Anti-Ironing Balm. Is it too late and do you want to simply treat sore nipples? The ingredients of Mamilla all have a soothing and restorative action.

✔ Prevents & cures inflammation
✔ Safe for the baby
✔ Easy application
✔ Fast & deep penetration



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Cocoa butter forms a protective layer on the skin that prevents water loss and maintains skin hydration. It has a softening and repairing effect on nipple cracks, rough skin or small wounds. Cocoa butter is an ideal care during breastfeeding, because it makes the skin soft and supple. Effective in itching, eczema, psoriasis and skin disorders in general.
 Coconut oil is a very precious oil for the skin, thanks to its softening, protective, curative and healing properties. It is ideal for damaged, irritated, dry or itchy skin. It keeps the skin supple and healthy, and thanks to its very fine molecular structure, it is able to penetrate the etheric oil deep into the skin. it is rich in caprylic acid which destroys candida at the cellular level.

Roman chamomile etheric oil is one of the gentlest oils and works like a natural antibiotic and antiseptic: it disinfects and has a bactericidal effect, for example. It has a calming effect on nipples and areolas in the event of an itchy rash, irritation, allergies, psoriasis, eczema, herpes, inflammation, small lesions and ulcers. It also provides relief when nipples are sore.

Do not use soap, creams or alcohol as they disrupt the natural production of sebum. In addition, the usual creams often contain chemical substances.
Mamilla - safe for mother and child

Amanprana believes that what is not in a product is as important as what is in it.

What are the undesirable substances, toxins that Mamilla does not contain? Wool grease or lanolin (which is chemically removed from sheepskin), petroleum derivatives such as petroleum jelly, paraffin, petrolatum, liquid paraffin, and chemical and carcinogenic substances such as PEG-45 dodecyl glycol copolymer, pentylene glycol, butylene glycol, propylene carbonate, isodecyl neopentanoate, synthetic perfume, alcohol. These products are dangerous. Care products containing these ingredients therefore state in their package insert that all product residues must be carefully removed from your nipple and areola before feeding your baby.

Mamilla is safe for mother and child. The ingredients penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin to perform their repairing function. Any leftovers are no problem: Mamilla is edible.
Mamilla ironing balm is a fragile natural product and is used differently.

The Mamilla ironing balm has a strong preventive action. During the last weeks of pregnancy, apply Mamilla daily to the breasts and nipples to keep them soft and nourished and thus give no chance to bacteria.

Keep the Mamilla ironing balm below 25°C on hot summer days, so that the ingredients do not melt. When travelling, take Mamilla in the diaper bag. However, always be careful when opening the jar.

Mamilla is in glass jars, not plastic (because the plastic perspires in the product). Better for you, better for your baby, better for nature. In addition, the ultraviolet resistant glass protects the precious ingredients from UV light.

Mamilla is available in two types: a balm and an oil. Mamilla ironing oil is in a handy pocket roller.

Keep the Mamilla ironing balm below 25°C on hot summer days, so that the ingredients do not melt. When travelling, take Mamilla in the diaper bag. However, always be careful when opening the jar.

Before childbirth - in prevention

Use Mamilla Anti-Ironing Balm for a few weeks before delivery to properly prepare the skin of the breasts and nipples. Apply Mamilla after each shower and in the morning or evening to the entire chest, nipple and areola for optimal care and protection.

After delivery - during breastfeeding

1. Dry the nipples by dabbing them after feeding

2. Using the tip of a finger, take a little Mamilla from the jar

3. Then carefully apply to the areola and nipple itself with a gentle rotating motion.

4. Use Mamilla before and after each feeding or when you feel the need for additional care and relief, in case of pain, irritation, dryness or a tight feeling.

It is not necessary to clean the nipples, as Mamilla is 100% natural and edible.

Additional protection with nursing pads

Rub the inside of the nursing pads (preferably made of organic cotton) with a little Mamilla. The softening and protective ingredients prevent any bacteria or fungi that may appear on the underside of the nursing pads or as a result of improper cleaning of a reusable pad. If there are already cracks, Mamilla will have an emollient and healing action between feedings.

Prevention of sore nipples in runners

Mamilla is good for the whole family, also for the non-lactating partner. If your partner likes endurance running, you may have already heard of the "runner nipple" which refers to bleeding or pain in the nipples during the run. Recommend Mamilla to your partner. Mamilla Anti-Ironing Balm is also good for protecting nipples during running.

62.76% cocoa butter, 37.18% coconut oilXBF, 0.06% camomileSB.
X=Extra virgin oil, S=essential oil, B=Organic (EcoControl), F=Fairtrade


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