Plasma ionizer PES AirVitamin

Ionizer Plasma and Electron Air Purifier (PES)

An attractive and modern design for this PES Airvitamin plasma ionizer. This air purifier is part of the latest generation: it combines the vaporization of plasma and electrons to produce air vitamins (anions and anti-virus ions) in the air.



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A natural purification concept

The PES bordeau-black plasma ionizer reproduces the nature in which the air is purified with anions and antivirus ions. Anti-virus anions and ions are created during the friction of water and air near water bodies. Natural anions are also formed during the emergence of lightning and the friction of air volumes.

- Anions (O2-, OH-) strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and help you sleep better.
- Antivirus ions (O3+, HOO-) help to remove bacteria and mould from the air. They are necessary natural antioxidants and neutralize different types of odors, viruses and fumes (tobacco, CO).

Plasma production produces OH- (anions), HOO- (antivirus ions) and consequently O3 (antivirus ions).
The vaporization of electrons makes it possible to obtain O2- (anions).

What roles do anions (OH- and O2-) play?

- Air purification. Anions neutralize and eliminate positive ions that are harmful to human health (smoke, SO2, NOX, CO, etc.).

- Health Promotion
The anions emitted by the ionizer exterminate the positive ions and give energy to the human body. It purifies the blood, strengthens the immune system and helps to prevent respiratory diseases. As a natural antidepressant, AIRVITAMIN improves sleep, reduces stress and repels electron waves. Anions also protect you against diseases such as CVS and sick building syndrome (SBS).

- Antibacterial function
AIRVITAMIN sterilizes indoor air bacteria, dust, pollen, mold, and prevents them from emerging.

The role of antivirus ions (O3+, HOO-)

- Anti-virus ions remove spores, cysts, yeast and mould. They destroy bacteria, viruses and mildew.

- Elimination of bad odours (powerful deodorant effect).

The device offers 2 operating modes:

- in purification mode which only activates the electron vaporizer (green light): effective for rooms from 5 to 25 m2. In areas of poor ventilation or rooms with sick building syndrome (SBS). To improve the health of patients (asthmatics) or people sensitive to air pollution. For example: bedrooms, rooms where allergic people live, living room, office...

- in anti-virus and ionization mode which activates the combined electron and plasma vaporizer regime (blue light): effective up to 58 m2. Highly polluted places with bad smells, smoke or pollen. For example: bathroom, kitchen, smoking room, pet areas and basement facilities. Places where harmful germs, mould, viruses, bacteria or yeast tend to spread easily.

Technical characteristics of AirVitamin's PES plasma air ionizer:

Lightweight 2.84 Kg
Small and with a successful design
29 cm x 30cm * 10.8cm (thickness)
Capacity Electron vaporizer regime: 5-25 m2
Electron and plasma vaporizing regime: up to 58 m2
Generates about 1 million anions (ions/cm3) at 16 cm from the device
Works naturally and without filters (just plug it in)
5 db or 25 db depending on the regime used
Anti-stress A blue ambient light that can be switched on or off without interfering with the operation of the device
Voltage 100-240 V-; 50-60 Hz
Consumes only 6 W/h (much less than a light bulb)
Guarantee 2 years