Chakra scarf red

You can use a chakra balancing scarf for balancing your own energy field (the aura). The colour of the scarf stimulates equilibrium and healing, and will make your aura stronger.



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Chakra 1: Root chakra
Bottom of the spine

Positive aspects of the personality:
Courageous, self-assured, humane, purposeful, spontaneous, honest, extravert, pioneer's minded.
Red has a link with consciousness-raising. This chakra is about survival, finding stability, and your own place on earth. The colour of red provides Earth's power, and transfers life's energy to all other levels. All early start needs life's vibration of red.

Unbalanced aspects:
Insecurity, self-pity, aggressivity, fear.

Viscose is a natural product that will show its colours beautifully. It's soft and smooth.
You can launder viscose the same way you would do cotton clothing.

Size cm 70x200