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Enjoy the benefits of vegetable oils or maceration oils with countless virtues. Softening, nourishing, anti-aging, regenerating, vegetable oil is the organic and natural cosmetic product that you can not do without. Take care of your skin with natural vegetable oils, to use alone or mixed with essential oils.

Vegetable oil

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Organic Arnica Oily Macerate - 50 ml


Arnica Oil is traditionally used for pain, swelling, bruising and bruising.

In massage, it is also known to relieve muscle fatigue.

It helps in the preparation and recovery of sports.

Arnica oil is obtained by macerating the flowers with sunflower oil.

ORGANICA ARNICA maceration oil 100 ML 100 ML


The Benefits of Organic Arnica Maceration Oil

Calming and soothing, arnica oil helps soothe sensitized areas as well as dry and irritated skin.
A favorite for athletes, it is very effective in local applications and in soothing, revitalizing and warming massages.

Certified organic