List of products by brand LUMIE

Lumie has been designing SAD lamps to treat seasonal affective disorders since 1991 and supplies the NHS. They invented the very imitated Bodyclock light alarm clock, the acne light therapy Clear treatment and Bedbug sleep aid for children.

Magnetic Field Detector


Detects low frequency fields from 1 to 10 mG

What are ECM ?
EMF is the acronym for "electromagnetic field". We often talk about low-frequency electromagnetic fields in the context of our domestic current of 50-60 Hz. We generate EMFs every time we use electricity. The VTEMF detects the low-frequency fields that we usually find in our homes, schools and workplaces.



Luminotherapy and desk lamp LUMIE DESK LAMP,

Its 96 white LED bulbs, very low in electricity and whose light spectrum is enriched in blue, make it an excellent lamp for reading and working.

The Lumie Desk Lamp up to 10,000 lux*, with medical approval** and integrated dimmer, allows you to follow light therapy sessions at the office or at home while you work.

The articulated arm allows the lamp head to be oriented so that the light is directed towards the eyes.

At the end of the session (on average 30 minutes at 10,000 Lux) you will decrease the intensity to continue working under quality lighting.

LUMIE® BRAZIL® Light Therapy Panel


Power and line purity. Ideal for a light therapy session in a group or even with the family in the morning for breakfast. LUMIE® BRAZIL offers summer light all year round to raise your mood, stimulate your concentration and restore your energy.

Specially designed for trade shows, it is the most powerful light therapy device in the range of the English manufacturer LUMIE.
Medical approval CE-0473

LUMIE 500 IRIS Blade Simulator


Advantages of the LUMIE 500 Iris simulator with Essential Oils:

A simulator is more than a bright morning alarm clock. It wakes you up in the morning without stress by having synchronized.

Your biological clock, through a progressive process on your neurovegetative functions.

In the evening it will reproduce the twilight mode and the slowly declining light will allow you to calmly approach the sleep phase.

With the LUMIE 500 Iris model, you also benefit from different essential oils for waking up and falling asleep. These will promote a relaxing fragrant bedtime, as well as an invigorating awakening

Dawn Simulator LUMIE 700


The LUMIE 700 Dawn Simulator offers a complete experience of light and audio that is second to none to facilitate sleep and light waking up.

It incorporates the following new features:

    Blue Light function for the evening,
    FM radio with high quality sound,
    Bluetooth for streaming music,
    USB port for music or charging your phone

Dawn Simulator LUMIE 250


Undoubtedly the most elaborate dawn simulator on the market.

A very nice sober and contemporary design with a pearly white finish with the most beautiful effect.

This dawn simulator can also be used as a bedside lamp with variable light, night light or safety system, programmable between 15 and 90 minutes upon waking up or falling asleep.
The LUMIE 250 dawn simulator is manufactured by Outside-in, a British specialist in light therapy and dawn simulators.

Dawn Simulator LIGHT 30


The LIGHT 30 Starter brings all the benefits of a dawn awakening.

Its very contemporary look fits into any bedroom style.

Producing a 30-minute sunrise, with an optional sound reminder, its light generates a radiant effect on the bedroom wall.

The simulator can also be used as a bedside lamp with variable brightness.

BRIGHTSPARK Light Therapy Panel


It provides you with the recommended amount of light to stay healthy. To be optimistic and energetic all year round, even in winter!

The Bright Spark light therapy lamp is developed by Outside In, a European specialist in light therapy, which also develops the Lumie dawn simulator range. With 12 years of research and development on the therapeutic effects of light on seasonal depression and on the biological rhythms of the human body, Outside In offers unique light therapy products.

ARABICA Light Therapy Panel


Light therapy panel - ARABICA
With a modern, contemporary and elegant appearance, the Arabica lamp has been designed to provide a home treatment.

By generating 10,000 lux at a practical distance of about 20cm, Arabica produces the same light intensity as a spring morning, and about 20 times that of a well-lit office.

Its size makes it easy to handle and store.