List of products by brand BEURER

Since 1919, and with the diversity of their range
they keep their promise: health and well-being.
Their product ranges ensure your health and safety.
You will also find professional quality products to support you in your daily life.
Let yourself be inspired by our new products and be filled with joy
to live with Beurer!

Light therapy by Beurer

Let the sun in

And the winter blues gives way to a good mood. The effectiveness of light therapy at home: light therapy lamps offer you additional exposure to light during the dark months and infrared lamps provide beneficial warmth in case of colds or muscle tension, for example.

Massage chair Beurer MC5000


Shiatsu Massage Chair MC5000 Beurer
With body scan, for a massage perfectly adapted to your morphology
The massage chair MC 5000 Beurer is extremely sophisticated. Its automatic body scan function allows it to adapt perfectly to your body and provide you with the best possible massage.

ATTENTION Request by email the amount of shipping costs outside France.

Beurer TL40 light therapy lamp


Artificial office light does not replace daylight, but this light therapy lamp allows you to compensate for the lack of light. Its compact size makes it ideal for any office.

    Compact size
    Ideal for the office
    Particularly uniform lighting
    Light intensity of approx. 10,000 lux (distance 15 cm)
    Uninterrupted light
    Flicker-free and UV-free
    Energy-saving lighting
    Convenient one-button operation
    Extendable foot
    With hanging possibility for wall mounting
    Medical product

WL 30 Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock Radio


Natural awakening with a slowly intensifying light:

Simulation of sunrise (individual time setting)
Choice between radio, alarm clock and 4 different sounds of nature: bird song, frogs, rain and wind,
Variable adjustment of the light intensity.

3 year warranty

Beurer TL 30 light therapy lamp


Daylight Lamp with Office and Travel LED.
Luminotherapy lamp TL 30: balances the lack of light.

During the fall or winter, lack of light can lead to various symptoms of depression and hormonal disorders such as:

    Feeling of Imbalance
    Bad mood
    Lack of energy and motivation
    General discomfort

Artificial light cannot compensate for these effects.
This special daylight lamp can influence our hormonal balance, without drugs and can be used in a preventive or therapeutic way.

Compact format with LED technology, ideal for the office or when travelling.
Simulation of sunlight: Light intensity of en. 10,000 Lux
Certified medical product

3 year warranty