List of products by brand ALPHA TECHNO

Massage Electric Chair AT7300


Electric massage chair AT-7300 black or beige
Choose a massage mode and target a wide variety of muscles

- select 1 of the 4 massage techniques or combine them
- position the vertical massage exactly where you want it, on a point or an area
- or let the chair do the work by selecting 1 of the 3 immersion programs that alternate different massage techniques and specifically target areas on the back.

Whichever method you choose, the AT-7300\'s technology offers maximum massage possibilities for a very beneficial result.

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Economical massage chair AT90


Trendy design for this compact chair

Individual automatic programs: Shiatsu massage, Rolling with massage zone, kneading
Massage the desired area individually and selectively
adjustable in manual mode

A comfortable and relaxing seat is not an obstacle on this multifunctional massage chair 90. This is a trendy designer massage product that features 3 individual and specialised automatic programs: the ergonomically shaped chair offers Shiatsu massages, roller or stretch massages, kneading massages as well as knock or release massages, the 4 roller system being similar to the human hand.

Be careful:
Request by email the amount of shipping costs outside France