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Amanprana Organic food and body care

Amanprana provides a serene life force through nutrition and care.

At Amanprana, they pay great attention to Hippocrates' words: "Let your diet be your medicine and medicine your diet." At Amanprana, they believe in food as an inseparable whole and not as a set of elements that have been isolated. As a result, their products are subject to little processing and are completely free of isolates. The products are organic and vegetarian, and, if possible, from fair trade and fair world standards.
Food as the only drug

Nutrition remains the essence of health according to Hippocrates, philosopher and founder of Western medicine. He emphasized the hygiene of the patient and the doctor. The pillars of his treatments as a Greek doctor (approx. 460-370 BC) were healthy eating habits and drinks, fresh air, reliance on the body's self-healing capacities and special attention to a form of balance (homeostasis). Hippocrates said: "Let food be your medicine". Nature provides food with strong and healthy properties that promote good health. The main cause of Western diseases is diet and lifestyle. Refined foods are probably the main causes of Western disease and ill health. For example, 80% of all minerals, 90% of all vitamins and almost all fibre disappear when whole wheat flour is refined into white flour. Vitality no longer keeps pace with our lives. Until the beginning of the 20th century, a balanced diet was the basis of all therapies. The radical rupture that took place in the 20th century between diet and health is the reason why we are not able, despite effective medicine, to avoid 70% of premature deaths due to Western diseases. Let me conclude with the words of a two-time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling: "Optimal nutrition is the medicine of the future".

Turmeric Latte 170g ORGANIC - Amanprana


Turmeric latte: a healthy drink as an alternative to coffee or for a stimulating zen moment.
✔ Sweet and creamy taste
✔ Instant and sustainable energy
✔ A lot of antioxidants
✔ 100% organic
With Amanprana Turmeric Latte, you can make a cup of sweet, creamy milk coffee with a comforting and spicy side in no time. Turmeric is one of the healthiest spices available. This golden yellow powder is a real super food. Drinking turmeric latte is therefore an easy way to get your daily portion of turmeric. Turmeric Latté is enriched with black pepper to enhance the absorption of turmeric. The grenade gives the final touch.

Spelt sprouts enriched with spelt bran 200g - ORGANIC - Amanprana


Start your day with a healthy breakfast: sprinkle your cereal with spelt sprouts enriched with spelt bran.

✔ Healthy breakfast
✔ Rich in protein and fibre
✔ Rich in vitamins B3, B4, B8 and folic acid
✔ Reclosable and compostable packaging

These germs are full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other valuable food substances which, at this stage, are very easy for humans to absorb.
Bran is the most fibre-rich part of spelt grain.

And fibre contributes to a faster intestinal transit (from 10 g/day).

Refined wheat germs 200g - ORGANIC - Amanprana


Start your day with a healthy breakfast: sprinkle your cereal with wheat germ.
✔ Organic wheat germs
✔ A delicious and sweet taste
✔ Less bitter than raw wheat germ
✔ Contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, E and omega 3/6/9
✔ Compostable and resealable zip packaging
Amanprana wheat germ has been refined. This means that they are thermally defused, but not roasted. The bitterness was removed without frying. This makes them sweeter than raw wheat germ.

Sprinkle wheat germ in drinks, muesli, soup, yogurt, sauces, pasta, rice, potatoes and vegetables, salads and bread (do not heat, do not add afterwards) or eat them separately, 1 to 6 tablespoons and more per day. They give the dishes a delicious and sweet taste.

Raw wheat germs 200g - ORGANIC - Amanprana


Start your day with a healthy breakfast: sprinkle your cereal with wheat germ.

These germs are full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other valuable food substances which, at this stage, are very easy for humans to absorb. Wheat germs are also high in fibre.
Amanprana\'s wheat germ is raw. Raw food is fresh, sprouted, grown or dried, never heated to more than 40°C. In this way, all active food substances are preserved and germs and sound are still full of vital energy. It is very interesting to add more raw foods to your meals, because we eat too much heated food.

Mamilla Anti-ironing Oil Amanprana


Mamilla Anti-ironing Oil prevents and treats chest irritations.

✔ Liquid care for travel
✔ Protects against bacteria, fungi and viruses
✔ Edible, also by baby
✔ For breastfeeding or breast pump

It is a 100% natural and caring oil in a practical pocket size to quickly and easily apply a repairing treatment on the nipples. The ingredients of Mamilla Anti-Ironing Oil all have a soothing and repairing action.

Mamilla Anti-ironing balm for breastfeeding women - 35 ml


Prevention and treatment of cracked nipples with Mamilla

Avoid sore nipples during breastfeeding by massaging breasts and areolas daily during pregnancy with Mamilla Anti-Ironing Balm. Is it too late and do you want to simply treat sore nipples? The ingredients of Mamilla all have a soothing and restorative action.

✔ Prevents & cures inflammation
✔ Safe for the baby
✔ Easy application
✔ Fast & deep penetration

Flower of salt Khoisan Amanprana - 300 gr


Khoisan Flower of Salt is a sea salt with a unique crystal structure

Not all salts are equal. You can recognize the Khoisan flower of salt by its large raw crystal structure and its snowy colour.

On the west coast of South Africa, where the Khoisan flower of salt originates, 95% of the crystallized salt is deposited at the bottom of the salt works. It is the sea salt we know. But if the conditions are ideal, that is, when the South African summer sun is at its peak, it crystallizes 5% of the salt on the surface of the water, forming beautiful "fleur de sel". These rare and expensive crystals are then harvested by hand before they sink to the bottom of the salt flats. The quantity collected is minimal: barely 1 kg of salt per 35 m2.

Extra virgin olive oil - Arbequina de Catalunya with organic boletus - 250 ml - Amanprana


Olive oil with porcini mushrooms or boletus.
Try this sweet Spanish olive oil from Amanprana with Ceps or boletus. The ceps are soaked in olive oil for a while, so that the oil regains its taste. This process is called infusion. The result is a sweet olive oil with a delicious and earthy taste of mushrooms! Bolets are also added to each bottle for even more flavour.

This olive oil is 100% extra virgin (cold pressed). A real herbs for your cold preparations: to season, as a salad dressing or just as delicious on risotto and in potato gratin.

Curcuma botanico mix ORGANIC - 175 g Amanprana


Curcumax is a wonderful boost to your health, and comes directly from nature.

Turmeric is grown mainly in Southeast Asia, where it has a long history of use.

How to use Curcumax?
You can use Curcumax as often as possible and in a very diversified way according to your wishes. Add it to all your dishes, even hot ones, or use Curcumax with fresh ginger to make daily infusions of turmeric tea.

45% turmeric*, 45% sumac* berries*, 10% black pepper*
*= Organic

Coconut flour with 50% organic fibre - 250g - Amanprana


Amanprana coconut flour is high in fibre and 100% natural!
It is low in carbohydrates, gluten-free and high in fibre. The latter is just what we need for a smooth saddle and a flat stomach. You understand that coconut flour is useful to have in the house. You can add it to your smoothies, sauces or hot dishes and it is also a good substitute for wheat flour in cakes, pancakes, etc. Amanprana coconut flour has a sweet and tasty coconut flavour.

Ayurveda Latte 170g ORGANIC - Amanprana


Ayurveda Latte: for a warm Zen moment or as a healthy alternative to coffee.
✔ Sweet and creamy taste
✔ Warm, Indian and spicy
✔ With the Ayurveda chai spice blend
✔ 100% organic
Amanprana Ayurveda Latte contains the popular blend of spices from the cellar (turmeric, cloves, cardamom, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, licorice). The combination of these spices is very beneficial for body and mind. An ideal drink for cold winter days or whenever you can use a hug or a boost. With Latté Ayurveda, you can prepare a cup of sweet and creamy chai latte that is beneficial to your health.

4 Algae Botanicomix - ORGANIC Amanprana


The 4-Algae Botanico mixture contains 4 algae and Khoisan Flower of Salt

    Nori: known as sushi seaweed. In Japan, where farmers are scarce and the population is used to searching for food in the sea
    Sea lettuce: popular along the North Sea coast, where it is harvested. Sea lettuce is also interesting for vegans and vegetarians
    Dulse: grows along the northern Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
    Kombu: mainly known in Japanese cuisine, where it is a main ingredient of dashi, a broth that is used as a base for different dishes.

The 4-Algae Botanico mixture contains, in addition to these algae, the Khoisan flower of salt.