List of products by brand Al Bara

Real Aleppo soaps and body care from Al Bara

Al Bara, is above all a story of friendship: between a little Syrian boy from Aleppo catapulted by the war in Versailles, and his new French neighbour, then between their two mothers Zeina the Syrian who must rebuild everything and Albane the French, whom everything separates at first sight but who become inseparable.

It is also a story of faith, of two slightly unconscious friends who decide to embark on the crazy adventure of importing mythical soaps from Aleppo, an equally mythical city torn apart by war, to continue to perpetuate ancestral oriental know-how while helping Syrian families to continue working in their country.

Finally, it is a story of solidarity, mutual aid, with friends from all walks of life, who contribute, through their network and their skills, to promoting in France a 200g block of artisanal soap with world-renowned virtues: very mild, thanks to its content of olive and laurel oils, it soothes, hydrates and leaves a delicate scent on the skin. More than just an excellent body product, it is a symbol of oriental refinement.

To offer high quality Spa products and Aleppo soaps in order to contribute to perpetuating oriental excellence and refinement, while allowing Syrians to continue to work in their war-torn country.

A brand in reference to Al Bara, a small village near Aleppo, considered as the village of origin of the famous soaps

Three product ranges around the theme of Spa and oriental well-being, based on a flagship product, Aleppo soap with recognized virtues:

Moisturizing thanks to the nourishing properties of virgin olive oil

Soft thanks to the soothing properties of laurel oil

Very pure: 100% vegetable

Naturally perfumed


Manufactured in a traditional way according to an ancestral know-how

Real Aleppo soap 35% Laurier Al Bara 200 g


The genuine Aleppo soap Al Bara 35% of Laurier made from vegetable olive oil is a soap native to the city of Aleppo. Ideal for dry, sensitive and blemished skin, this 35% genuine Aleppo soap from Laurier Al Bara leaves the skin clean, soft and hydrated.

Genuine alum stone Al Bara


Of natural origin, Alun Al Bara Stone is a natural deodorant with many virtues. Soothing, this alum stone is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and can be used to calm razor burn or epilation.

Al Bara Shaving Man Kit


The Al Bara Men\'s Shaving Kit is specially designed to offer an oriental care on a daily basis around an old-fashioned shaving. This kit contains the essentials for men for shaving and showering.