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Super foods and natural supplements from the Guayapi brand

Guayapi, founded by Claudie Ravel 25 years ago, aims to promote noble and traditional plants from their native lands (Amazonia and Sri Lanka, among others). Claudie Ravel has forged a partnership that goes far beyond the simple commercial relationship with the Sateré Mawé Indians of the Brazilian Amazon, by introducing their Warana, the Guarana of the Lands of Origin, to the European market in 1990.

On its own scale, it supports the Sateré Mawé tribe (15,000 Indians today, when they were only 6,000 at the beginning of the project) in their daily struggle to preserve their identity, culture and territory. Through her travels, she sources the best materials offered by indigenous peoples who do not have access to international markets, favouring traditional know-how that respects man and plant, banning any chemical transformation process, while respecting high fundamental criteria: organic, fair trade, and biodiversity.