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ORGANIC infusions and Tusli from the brand Fiore d'Oriente

ORGANIC INDIA is a company founded in 1997 and located at the foot of the Himalayas, in the state of Uttar Pradesh (India).

ORGANIC INDIA produces exclusively organic plants, following the entire natural chain from the seed bank to the packaging of Tulsi in heat-sealed sachets, to protect it from any contamination and bring it to us fresh as just collected.
The company is composed of 320 people who work on 200 hectares of organic land. Organic India is certified by the world's most important organic bodies and complies with the strictest quality standards of hygiene and production.

ORGANIC INDIA is honored to be the first company to bring Sacro Tulsi to markets around the world, ready to be consumed as a delicious herbal drink. The ancient Vedic recipe "Original" consists of mixing the three varieties of Tulsi in equal parts.

ORGANIC INDIA, in addition to offering the "Tulsi Original" preparation, prepares many other mixtures composed of the three varieties of Tulsi with the addition of other plants and functional flowers, creating a line of good drinks and useful for the well-being of our body: Tulsi Original, Tulsi Lemon Ginger, Tulsi Green Tea, Tulsi Sweet Rose, Tulsi Red Chai Masala, Tulsi Pomegranate Green, Tulsi Honey Chamomile, Tulsi Jasmin, Tulsi Raspberry Peach.

What are the health benefits of Tulsi ?
Recent scientific research seems to confirm the data traditionally known in Ayurvedic medicine, indicating how Tulsi, very rich in antioxidants and other nutritional elements, is able to reduce stress, mitigate inflammatory processes, control plasma cholesterol levels, eliminate toxins and promote purification processes, protect from radiation, prevent gastric ulcers, lower fever, help digestion. Tulsi also supports health and proper functioning of the heart, veins, liver and lungs, is an excellent remedy to regulate blood pressure and control blood sugars.

How can Tulsi offer so many benefits?
The chemical composition of Tulsi is very complex.
Tulsi contains hundreds of beneficial ingredients for the body, well known in the world pharmacopoeia, which working in synergy with each other prove to be excellent antioxidants, antibacterial, antiviral, immuno-stimulants and adaptogens (antistress); all these effects support the natural defenses against germs, stress and disorders of various kinds.

What does "Adaptogen" mean?
An adaptogen is an agent that helps the body to be more efficient against excessive stress.
Adaptogens reduce the intensity and negative impact of stress caused by physical or mental tension, negative emotions, unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyles, diseases, infections, pollution and other factors.
Tulsi is one of the most effective known adaptogens.

What are antioxidants?
Cells damaged by free radicals can cause or accelerate many diseases.
When cells are affected by free radicals, excessive oxidation occurs which causes damage or even destruction of the cells. Antioxidants are agents that slow down the oxidation process and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Drinking the Tulsi of ORGANIC INDIA, what are the immediate and visible benefits that I can expect?
Some of the benefits of Tulsi are immediate, others are gradually appreciated after regular use. It is easy to feel a feeling of relaxation and energy after the first cups.
Tulsi has many specific effects in the various systems of the body; in general it has a remarkable capacity to generate well-being and to help the natural processes of the body in overcoming many problems. Very often the benefits are manifested in a subtle way, for example you can simply notice that you are not disturbed by stress, influences, colds or that you get tired less easily. As with many herbal remedies, it usually takes at least a week for the body to experience the greatest benefits. Tulsi also has the characteristic of being the most effective anti-stress and pleasant to the palate, thanks to its delicate flavor and scent.
Our Tulsi blends have been shown to benefit people of all ages.

Does Organic India Tulsi contain caffeine?
Tulsi is naturally caffeine free.
However, some of the blends in our line, which also contain Black Tea and Green Tea, contain caffeine.

Fiore d'Oriente Organic Herbal Tulsi Tea


Tea made of Tulsi, Holy basil (Ocimun sanctum) or Tulasi, from Sanskrit, “Mother Medicine”.
Place of origin: Northern India.

Of over 100 species of Holy basil, these three are the most common and important ones: Rama Tulsi (Ocimun sanctum) with green leaves, Krishna Tulsi (Ocimun sanctum) with green-purple leaves and Vana Tulsi (Ocimun gratissimum) with scented green leaves. Made after original Vedic recipe.

Fiore d'Oriente Organic Herbal tea 7th chakra


Loose organic herbal tea, composed for the balancing of Chakra 7: Sahasrara.
With angelica, sage, rose, lavender, centella.

Herbal tea composed of leaves, flowers, roots and plants that stimulate the opening of the mind. Angelica tones the hypothalamus and stimulates the hypophysis; sage and rose symbolise the ancestral energy that comes from the kidneys and rises to the head; sage is vitalising and favours rooting. Lavender and centella are plants for the rebalancing of energy. Adjuvant infusion for dizziness, mental confusion. Favours concentration.*

Packaging: Cardbord box

Fiore d'Oriente Organic Herbal tea 6th chakra


Loose organic herbal tea, composed for the balancing of Chakra 6: Ajna.
With rosemary, laurel, lavender, verbena, mint.

Herbal tea composed mainly of leaves. Rosemary, laurel and borage are invigorating and stimulating plants. They give mental clarity and inner strength. In particular, lavender, verbena and mint also have refreshing and harmonising properties. Adjuvant infusion for insomnia, headache, migraine, fatigue.*

Packaging: Cardbord box

Fiore d'Oriente Organic Herbal tea 5th chakra


Loose organic herbal tea, composed for the balancing of Chakra 5: Vishudda.
With lavender, hawthorn, eucalyptus, lemon balm, plantain.

Lavender and hawthorn are sedatives that harmonise the autonomic dystonia (thyroid-heart); lemon balm is antispasmodic, calming and strengthens the wisdom that comes from the heart and has physical and intellectual stimulating actions from mint and thyme. Plantain, elderberry, eucalyptus and thyme are antiseptic and pulmonary anti-inflammatory. This infusion is an adjuvant in disorders of the respiratory tract and in autonomic dystonia and asthenia.*

Packaging: Cardbord box

Fiore d'Oriente Organic Herbal tea 4th chakra


Loose organic herbal tea, composed for the balancing of Chakra 4: Anahata.
With rose, lavender, lime, passion flower, achillea.

Herbal tea composed of flowers and leaves. Rose and lavender have a deeply harmonising effect on emotions and a relaxing action; hawthorn and passion flower are cardiovascular and antispasmodic
sedatives; lime is soothing and calming; achillea is digestive and stimulates circulation. Great help in case of insomnia, circulatory disorders, autonomic dystonia, spasms and irritability.*

Packaging: Cardbord box

Fiore d'Oriente Organic Herbal tea 3rd chakra


Loose organic herbal tea, composed for the balancing of Chakra 3: Manipura.
With ginger, tumeric, liquorice, gentian, rosemary.

Ginger and turmeric reactivate blocked energy; liquorice has a harmonising and soothing action; mint, odorous verbena and gentiane are stomachic and corroborating digestive elements; angelic and rosemary are stimulating and carminative. This herbal tea is an adjuvant in case of dyspepsia, gastritis, swelling and postprandial fatigue. *

Packaging: Cardbord box

Fiore d'Oriente Organic Herbal tea 2nd chakra


Loose organic herbal tea, composed for the balancing of Chakra 2: Swadhistana.
With sage, calendula, cinnamon, elderberry.

With golden rod, sage and savory acting as stimulators of the hypothalamus and sexual organs. Calendula, myrtle and cinnamon regulate female disorders (pain, various inflammations). Enriched with birch and elderberry that are excellent purifying and diuretic elements and help in case of nephritis and lithiasis.*

Packaging: Cardbord box

Fiore d'Oriente Organic Herbal tea 1st chakra


Loose organic herbal tea, composed for the balancing of Chakra 1: Muladhara.
With dandelion, chicory, burdock and liquorice.

Promotes purification, stimulation of the adrenals, harmonising and solidifying. Enriched with equisetum, a plant for the remineralization of the skeleton. This herbal tea is an adjuvant for rheumatism, calculi, arthritis and asthenia.*

Packaging: Cardbord box