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Bracelets mala

Bracelets mala

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Mala agate mix


Mala with 108 beads made of agate with rock crystal, amethyst and two plastic rainbow beads.
It has an elastic cord, so it can also easily be worn as a bracelet.
With brocade bag.

Mala Coral AA-quality with guru bead + little bag


The mala is mainly used for counting mantras during recitation. It fulfills the same function as a rosary (Catholic praying device). Beads made of (semi)precious stones, pearls, bodhi seeds or wood are suitable for different purposes, for counting mantras or other prayers, prostrations, circumambulations, etc. The string is the same in all types of mala and should be composed of nine threads that symbolise Buddha Vajradhara and the eight Boddhisattvas. The large bead at the end symbolises the wisdom that realises emptiness and the cylindrical bead above it symbolises emptiness itself. Together they symbolise that all obstacles have been overcome.