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Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage

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36 hot basalt massage stones


Box of 36 basalt massage stones
Special hot stone massage - for professionals and demanding individuals.
An ancestral and natural tradition

The massage stones traditionally used are basalt pebbles, black or grey volcanic stone born from the extreme heat of terrestrial magma then cooled brutally by the sea and polished by hand. Thanks to its very soft and non-porous texture, basalt stone perfectly accumulates hot and cold. The massage then becomes a privileged encounter with the energy of the earth....


Stone heater 6L


This stone heater has a removable Teflon and aluminium tank.  The inner wall is double for perfect thermal insulation. The thermostat allows you to select the preheating function for a rapid rise in temperature or a constant temperature to maintain it at a certain level. The 6-litre bin is removable and has side handles for easy maintenance. Up to 36 stones can be heated at the same time.