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Lactic fermentation

Lactic fermentation

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Ferment for Kefir milk (4 gr bottle)


Prepare your milk kefir in a few minutes!

Make your own lacto-fermented drink rich in living bacteria!

Lactic acid bacteria improve lactose digestion in individuals with difficulty digesting lactose!

A very economical fermented drink that is easy to digest!

Ferment for Kefir Fruit (Bottle 4 gr)


Kefir of fruit, originally from Iran, is a refreshing fermented drink. There are many recipes for kefirs with fruit (with lemon, orange, apple, grape, figs......)

For reasons of microbiological criteria we do not recommend the use of dried fruit. From experience, we recommend the use of lemon.

Kefir de fruits is the most sought-after drink among the peoples of the Mediterranean region. It can be drunk with a meal and promotes the sowing of the food bowl.

Lactic fermentation for yoghurt (4 gr bottle)


4 g bottle to inoculate 1 litre of milk.
By following the instructions for use given in our documentation, you can produce more than 25 successive yoghurt products.

By making your own yoghurts, you save a lot of money, help to respect the environment and behave in an eco-responsible way.
An ultra-economical solution for consuming yoghurts containing living and therefore biologically active bacteria!

Ingredients : Organic maltodextrin, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus.