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Extra virgin olive oil - Arbequina de Catalunya with organic boletus - 250 ml - Amanprana


Olive oil with porcini mushrooms or boletus.
Try this sweet Spanish olive oil from Amanprana with Ceps or boletus. The ceps are soaked in olive oil for a while, so that the oil regains its taste. This process is called infusion. The result is a sweet olive oil with a delicious and earthy taste of mushrooms! Bolets are also added to each bottle for even more flavour.

This olive oil is 100% extra virgin (cold pressed). A real herbs for your cold preparations: to season, as a salad dressing or just as delicious on risotto and in potato gratin.

Virgin wheat germ oil 125 ml


100% virgin wheat germ oil

Rich in Vitamin E and Omega-3

Obtained by first cold pressing
Selected and conditioned by the monks of Sept-Fons
Bottle of 125 ml

A real concentrate of vitamin E and alpha-linolenic acid, the leader of Omega-3

Wheat germ oil can be consumed:

1. CRUE at a rate of one teaspoon (5ml) per day, directly or incorporated into salad dressings.
2. For external application: dry skin, eczema or to promote healing.
3. In bath water to soften and satin the skin.