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La Surdouée, dry oil for the body, targeted action stretch marks ORGANIC - pump bottle 100 ml


Prevention of stretch marks

Pregnancy is a magical time but often accompanied by new skin problems. Your first beauty concern? Avoid stretch marks during pregnancy!

La Surdouée stretch mark oil is a concentrated care product made of organic vegetable oils that is essential to moisturize the skin and effectively prevent the appearance of stretch marks from the first month of pregnancy.

Le Bienfaiteur, concentrated & thirst-quenching body milk ORGANIC - 100 ml pump bottle


From the first month of pregnancy, your skin changes under the action of major hormonal changes. You feel the need to adopt a new beauty routine to moisturize your skin and maintain its elasticity! Your objective? Keep your skin supple, nourished and comfortable for a beautiful pregnancy!

Le Bienfaiteur body care is an ideal moisturizing SOS serum for dry and sensitive skin and to complete your stretch mark removal ritual. It is the 2-in-1 gesture to adopt as soon as a happy event is announced...

My pretty skin, moisturizing face cream and rebalancing BIO - tube 40 ml



During pregnancy, the skin of the face changes: its natural balance is modified, favouring the appearance of skin imperfections on the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead) and a great dryness, redness on the rest of the face (cheeks, nose wings).

Ma Jolie Peau is a moisturizing and rebalancing facial treatment that stimulates the skin\'s self-regulating capacity for healthy and radiant skin.

L'Expert, ORGANIC stretch marks corrector concentrate - 100 ml tube


Post-pregnancy care to fight against recent stretch marks

If, despite your efforts, you have not been able to avoid the formation of stretch marks, it is not too late to improve their appearance, colour and relief. This natural body concentrate is ideal for repairing and reducing recent stretch marks (stretch marks from pregnancy, adolescence, rapid weight gain or loss) recognizable by their red or pink appearance.  Its action promotes healing and the reduction of stretch marks. Their appearance is visibly improved.

The firming, shaping and toning body care coach BIO - tube 150 ml



After 9 months of pregnancy, the skin tissues are weakened. The ideal is to practice a daily massage with a firming treatment that is effective and compatible with breastfeeding.

The shaping and toning treatment Le Coach Firmness offers a firming action to restore the pleasure of smooth, toned skin after childbirth.

The delicate, deodorant ball for sensitive skin ORGANIC 24H - Roll-on 50 ml


the effective organic deodorant without aluminium salts, alcohol & essential oil

The underarm cavity is a particularly permeable area. Regular shaving or depilation damages the skin and further increases skin absorption. The choice of a deodorant is therefore not insignificant. How to fight against bad smells in complete safety, and without irritating this particularly sensitive area?

Effective, the organic deodorant Le Délicat regulates your perspiration without blocking its natural process, prevents unpleasant body odours, protects and soothes your armpits.

And especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, where hormonal changes can lead to increased sweating and more intense body odours!

My Stroke, anti-fall fortifying hair lotion - 100 ml bottle


You are a young mother and have noticed a significant hair loss? Linked to childbirth and sudden hormonal changes, stress and fatigue, this reactionary fall is transient and can be effectively slowed.

Compatible with breastfeeding, Mon Coup de Pousse fortifying anti-fall lotion is an effective and complete natural treatment to restore strong, dense hair.

Mon Coup de Pousse anti-fall lotion penetrates the hair fibre to slow down hair loss and preserve hair mass.

100% natural, turmeric stimulates hair growth and extends the hair\'s life cycle.

L'Intime, moisturizing and soothing intimate hygiene care BIO - Tube 150 ml



The intimate area is a vulnerable area with a fragile balance, which requires special care.

The Intimate Hygiene Care certified organic by the Intimate has been formulated without soap and essential oil, with gentle ingredients that respect the vaginal flora.

Moisturizing, soothing and protective, it is perfect for daily intimate cleansing.

Organic stretch marks solution - Confidente, Cajoleur and Surdouée



You decided that stretch marks wouldn\'t go through you? Get yourself (or have yourself offered!) our Stretch Marks Solution Kit for future and young mother! Practical and reusable, this pretty kit consists of 3 essential treatments to moisturize, strengthen your skin and protect it from stretch marks during pregnancy and after childbirth.

1, 2, 3 Bonne Mine BIO - Bonne fée, Jolie Peau et Surdouée



Undermined by hormonal changes related to pregnancy, the faces of pregnant women require special attention. The challenge? Find a facial treatment ritual to avoid shine and imperfections while ensuring good hydration of dry areas.

The 1,2,3 Bonne Mine kit is the gift to offer or to offer to yourself to adopt a new natural face ritual adapted to sensitive and combination skin.

oWith its three Omum pregnancy and post-pregnancy facial treatments, this ritual is ideal for all combination or sensitive skin and expectant mothers looking for a gentle and rebalancing facial routine.

Trio after baby ORGANIC - Intimate, Firming Coach, Cuddler



Baby has arrived, you need comfort, well-being, and a helping hand to regain your pretty figure! The essential care for young mothers is gathered in our Trio after Baby. It consists of 3 expert and effective treatments with natural & ORGANIC active ingredients.

My natural hygiene ORGANIC - Intimate, Cajun, Delicate



Weakened by external aggressions and biological variations of our body (hormones,...), the skin needs a healthy and natural hygiene routine that respects the integrity and balance of the skin barrier, such as mucous membranes.

Mon Hygiène Naturelle is a natural and organic body hygiene ritual, respectful of the epidermis and adapted to future and young mothers, from the first month of pregnancy!

My Good Fairy Body, sponge konjac body exfoliating and regenerating


Ideal for all women, pregnant and breastfeeding women, Ma Bonne Fée Corps cleanses, gently exfoliates, softens and prepares the skin to receive specific care (moisturizing, anti stretch marks, firmness...).

Konjac\'s 100% natural fiber (or "Konjac Amorphophallus"), grown and used for millennia in South Asia, gently cleanses and exfoliates sensitive skin, without irritation. The antioxidant properties of blueberry berries help to soothe the skin and make it soft and comfortable.

Its 100% natural composition, its practical shape and its ultra-soft texture, ideal for a purifying, soothing and regenerating massage ritual!

My Good Fairy Fairy Facial sponge konjac face exfoliating and purifying


Ideal for pregnant women and young mothers whose skin suffers from hormonal variations, Konjac sponge gently cleanses, purifies the skin and eliminates the residues responsible for skin imperfections.

Konjac\'s 100% natural fibre, derived from a tuber native to South Asia, eliminates dead skin, perfects cleansing or make-up removal and promotes blood microcirculation.

Loess earth, a natural mineral rich in iron oxide, purifies the skin. It is stimulating and restores radiance to the complexion.

The skin is purified, relaxed, infinitely softer and more radiant.

The best part: its 100% natural composition and its half-moon shape that fits perfectly on the palm of the hand. The Konjac sponge is ideal for a purifying and energizing massage ritual!

Mamilla Anti-ironing balm for breastfeeding women - 35 ml


Prevention and treatment of cracked nipples with Mamilla

Avoid sore nipples during breastfeeding by massaging breasts and areolas daily during pregnancy with Mamilla Anti-Ironing Balm. Is it too late and do you want to simply treat sore nipples? The ingredients of Mamilla all have a soothing and restorative action.

✔ Prevents & cures inflammation
✔ Safe for the baby
✔ Easy application
✔ Fast & deep penetration

Mamilla Anti-ironing Oil Amanprana


Mamilla Anti-ironing Oil prevents and treats chest irritations.

✔ Liquid care for travel
✔ Protects against bacteria, fungi and viruses
✔ Edible, also by baby
✔ For breastfeeding or breast pump

It is a 100% natural and caring oil in a practical pocket size to quickly and easily apply a repairing treatment on the nipples. The ingredients of Mamilla Anti-Ironing Oil all have a soothing and repairing action.

Concentrated organic stretch mark treatment - ALPHANOVA


The double action stretch mark treatment is an innovative, natural, certified organic cosmetic treatment for the prevention and care of stretch marks. The formula is based on the use of a high-dose complex of oils traditionally used by pregnant women around the world to prevent and eliminate stretch marks: baobab oil from Africa, rosehip oil and mimosa tenuiflora from South America, macadamia oil from Oceania.

This oil combination is enriched with a powerful active ingredient: Alpha-Hydroxy-Lift, which has major properties in the care and prevention of stretch marks.  A formula of natural origin without parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, allergens certified BIO ORGANIC by ECOCERT.

Organic slimming & cellulite care - ALPHANOVA


Slimming and cellulite care After pregnancy. Certified organic by Ecocert. ALPHANOVA SANTE slimming treatment has been specially developed for women who have just given birth and who wish to quickly regain their pre-pregnancy figure.

Paraben-free, Caffeine-free, phthalate-free, phenoxyethanol-free.

Easy to apply and non-greasy. Does not stick. Natural soothing fragrance.