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Massage oil with arnica for softened muscles ORGANIC


An organic and aromatic oil to be massaged locally in case of stiffness, tired, numb muscles after a heavy physical effort, as well as to warm up the muscles before physical or sports activity. This ORGANIC massage oil is also suitable for maintaining joint flexibility and ensuring optimal joint condition.

With 100% organic essential oils: Eucalyptus lemon*, Sweet wintergreen*, Exotic basil*, Camphor rosemary*, Ylang-ylang*, Noble laurel*.

Content ml 100


Circulation spray for heavy and tired legs ORGANIC


Feeling of lightness and immediate freshness guaranteed!

This SPRAY CIRCULATION Bio* immediately refreshes and lightens heavy and tired legs thanks in particular to essential oils of field mint and helichrysum. The certified organic formula is also enriched with horse chestnut bud extract. The spray preserves the skin\'s moisture thanks to aloe vera and natural ingredients from coconut oil. It penetrates quickly leaving the skin fresh and soft. Simply spray from the ankle to the top of the leg 15cm from the skin for 2 to 3 seconds and then spread over the entire leg. Can be used even on stockings.

Volume 100 ML


Spray for sensitive joints and muscles


This spray naturally is a solution with essential oils to be sprayed:
- Locally in case of stiffness, tired, numb muscles after a heavy physical effort.
- To prepare and warm up muscles before physical activity or sports.
- To maintain joint flexibility. 

The spray can be swivelled in all positions without loss of pressure, in order to effectively reach the lower areas of the body.

With 100% pure and natural essential oils: Wintergreen, Field mint, Camphor rosemary, Lemon eucalyptus, Lemon manure, Lavender, Scots pine, Chinese cinnamon tree, Katrafay