List of products by brand SONG OF INDIA

Natural incense resins from the brand Song of India

The journey began in the former walled city of Delhi in 1932, when their great-grandfather, Mr. Jagdamba Prashad Mathur, founded a small manufacturing unit called Mathur Parfumery Works. It was a modest beginning to produce products using natural ingredients such as herbs, plants, roots, etc. His own personal formulations were highly appreciated in the local community. He never wanted to do it on a large scale. He was more of a family man than a businessman. He passed on to his son, Mr. Durga Prashad Mathur, his art of making perfumes, massage and body oils, incense and vegetable oils. He simply followed his father's techniques and lived a very simple and non-contractual life. She was a very polite and generous person. His wife, Mrs. Raj Rani Mathur, helped him and helped him in the store while he was busy in manufacturing.

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, the fourth generation of this Mathur family expresses its gratitude for the support and trust they have placed in us.

Three Kings Resin Incense 60 g


Resin Three mages of Song Of India brand

The Three Mages resin is composed of the best natural resins in the world, once burned they emit a sacred smoke and a pleasant fragrance that releases the negative energies, connect us to high vibrations. They are also used to heal, balance and protect our physical and energetic bodies. To burn Tree Kings incense, you need an external heat source (like our natural coal pellets). Our incense is used in many religious or spiritual ceremonies. Some companies use incense to welcome guests, or to ward off evil spirits from home.

Sal Tree Incense Resin 60g


Sal Tree Resin from Song Of India

This tree is native to South Asia, Going south from the Himalayas, from Myanmar to East Nepal, India and Bangladesh. In Nepal it is mostly in the Terai region from east to west.

Sal Tree Resin has a powerful spicy and musky but pleasant scent. It promotes connection to the world of the Divine, prayer and elevation, purifies your interior and accompanies you for meditation and breathing.

Royal Oud incense resin 25g


Royal Oud resin from Song Of India brand

For relaxation, relaxation and meditation, soothing and relaxing, it suppresses the negative energies of the body, and improves perception, reduces anxiety and invokes a sense of peace, vigor and harmony
Remove obsessive behaviors and help create harmony and balance in your home
It is used and recommended by spiritual masters to provide inspiration and conditioning for meditation, attaining inner peace and serenity
Use by Buddhist monks to bring a connection between body and mind functions
Improves the reception of the senses and opens the mind.

Résine Encens Jerusalem 60 g


Resin Jerusalem by Song Of India.

Its power of purification and protection is known and used to consecrate temples, parts for magical practices or meditation. Because of its, it is given a saturnine nature.

Résine encens Bollywood 50 g Song Of India


Bollywood Resin Incense from Song Of India.

The perfumes of Bollywood Incense Resin can help you meditate and put you in an ideal state of ritual.
Its extraordinary fragrance, with its subtle essential oils of wood essences, will create an atmosphere conducive to giving a boost to all your senses and leave in the atmosphere the desired energies and without forgetting a divine scent throughout the house.

Red sandal incense resin 25g


Red sandal resin from Song Of India brand

Ideal for the purification of your interior, they will also facilitate the concentration and regain some serenity.
They diffuse a delicate smell of natural wood which remains light so as not to give you a headache. Thousands of years ago it was discovered that the smell of sandalwood encourages spirituality. He prepares very well for rituals of all kinds.
Sandalwood is also sometimes used when a person suffers from sexual dysfunction because it is known to be an aphrodisiac.
Sandalwood, often used in this way, is excellent for making an offering to the deities.

Patchouli-amber incense resin 50g


Patchouli & amber resin from Song Of India brand.

Patchouli attracts love, psychic protection, reinforces the power of invocations, develops sensuality, increases the art of pleasing and seducing, aphrodisiac, to relax and soothe moods and body, suppresses anger and jealousy. Fertility.

Amber is a shield against negative waves, stimulating. Symbolizes solar, spiritual and divine attraction. Bring power and strength to a ritual of power. Divination, clairvoyance (opening of the 3rd eye), vitality, masculine sexuality, amplifies and fixes the magic vibrations, calms the anxiety, attracts the abundance, calm and harmony the body and the soul, conducive to the dreams, inspires the emotions of love and friendship.

Patchouli Forest resin incense 10g


Forest patchouli resin from Song Of India brand.

It is common to use patchouli incense in rituals to attract money and prosperity.
It is also used very frequently in rituals to awaken sexual desire and seduction. Often used in blends of incense for love.

In India, it is used to ensure male fertility.

Orange Cinnamon resin incense 30 g


Cinnamon Orange Resin from Song Of India

To burn Cinnamon-Orange resin is to increase spirituality, psychic powers and healing,
promotes success. Cinnamon is associated with the element Fire and Earth and the Sun, symbol of all life, creative force, energy. It harmonizes the aura.
His powers are of the order of spirituality, success, prosperity and healing, sexual desire and love ...
Burned in the form of incense, it raises the level of spiritual vibrations, stimulates parapsychic faculties and generates protective vibrations.

Opoponax resin incense 60g


Natural opoponax resin from Song Of India brand.

The opoponax is a resin from the bark of a shrub that is found mainly in the Middle East or Africa, especially in Somalia. Its smell evokes that of myrrh, another resinous gum produced by balsam tree, or myrrh tree, whose perfume is much more intense. Opoponax is also often nicknamed "sweet myrrh". It is used traditionally as incense, to purify the air, but also for its relaxing or stimulating virtues.
Opoponax promotes love, luck and strengthens spirituality.

Nag Champa Incense Resin 40g


Nag Champa resin from Song Of India brand

Nag Champa provides a feeling of calm to lighten the mind and facilitate meditation. It creates a sacred atmosphere and its combustion stimulates spirituality.

This incense is used in morning prayers, religious ceremonies and other special events. It is also used in some offices and houses to purify the air and create soothing ambiences. Its scent will linger in your memory long after burning. It has the power to eliminate negative energies, but allows above all to rebalance positively.

Mystic rose incense resin 10g


Mystic rose resin of Song Of India brand, this resin is part of the incense of Venus Prosperity
very powerful to attract good spirits, love and friendship.

Made in the house, fumigations of Mystic rose will bring harmony.
Also releases blocked energies renewing vitality.

Magic resin incense 60 g


Magic resin from Song Of India brand.

Blend of magic resin incense used for its help in clairvoyance and promotes intuition. Magic Incense Resin allows to develop clairvoyance and intuition and gives you the desired energies.

Kamasutra Incense Resin 70 g


Kamasutra resin from the brand Song Of India.

With Kamasutra resin create a sweet, sensual and erotic atmosphere for an explosion of the senses with a captivating and sweet fragrance that invites to love.

Incense resin Spikenard 50g


Spikenard resin from Song Of India brand.

Spikenard (Nardostachys grandiflora, also called nard, nardin, and muskroot) is a flowering plant of the family of Valerian that grows in the Himalayas of Tibet, India and Nepal.

It is known that the use of nard is very old, on the one hand because it is an integral part of the Indian Ayurvedic tradition, and on the other because it was considered in ancient Egypt, the Middle East and in the Middle East. ancient Rome as a luxury scent
Many ancient texts consider the nard as a product of great value, monetary as well as spiritual. It was used in many religious rites.

Incense resin Nirvana 60g


Nirvana resin from Song Of India brand.

NIRVANA resin incense removes obstacles and promotes success and success. Gives the ideal conditions of harmony, stability, favorable to meditation, yoga and relaxation.