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The CHATELARD 1802, the scents of Provence, a family history since 1802.

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The story of Chatelard begins in 1802, when Napoleon Bonaparte reigns and where the French Republic is born. The law limiting the construction of dwellings inside the boroughs is then revoked and the house of the MONTAUD family is one of the first to be created outside the village of SAINT-AUBAN-SUR-L'OUVEZE. This stone farm, whose year of construction (1802) is engraved above the main entrance, is the foundation of Chatelard. It is the hill Chatelard, at the top of which sits a small church, which gives its name to the company but also the neighborhood where the farm is installed today.

The first years, the MONTAUD family produces essential oil from wild lavender that grows in the surrounding mountains. But very soon, around 1805, she began to plant lavender in her own fields so as not to depend exclusively on wild lavender. It is to meet the ever growing demand of the perfume industry that develops in GRASSE, a little later, during the 19th century, that the MONTAUD family increases its production. But at that time, there are no machines or tractors: all the work is done by hand. It is only at the end of the Second World War that the first machines appear, which facilitates the work of men and, above all, considerably increases production volumes.

For a long time, Chatelard has focused on the production and delivery of raw materials for manufacturers of finished products. The real turning point came in the late 1990s, when the company decided to launch its own line of finished products, based on its history, two centuries of hard work, love of lavender and on his perfect knowledge of this emblematic plant. The MONTAUD family now offers a full range of products: fragrance sachets, perfumes, soaps and quality eaux de toilette thanks to the know-how acquired for more than two centuries.

Wild orange essential oil 10 ML LE CHATELARD


The Benefits of Wild Orange Essential Oil

The essential oil of sweet orange promotes a good digestion.

Atmospheric antiseptic, sweet orange essential oil, is bactericidal, antifungal and antiviral. It acts in particular on fungi responsible for pulmonary infections and it disinfects the ambient air. A use in atmospheric diffusion is therefore particularly recommended.

Verbena pillow mist


Le Chatelard 1802 pillow mists are a natural floral water that will encourage relaxation and a peaceful sleep. An excellent choice to relax an overactive mind. The spray provides a fine mist that spreads out evenly on your pillow.

Content ml 50

Tea tree essential oil LE CHATELARD 1802


The Benefits of Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil or CHATELARD 1802 Tea Tree

Promotes the natural resistance of the body.

The essential oil of tea tree is essential in the medicine cabinet. The tea tree is an extraordinary anti-infective. Mycoses, bacteria, viruses ... Nothing resists him!

Sandalwood Aftershave balm


This sandalwood Aftershave balm is especially made for men who like to take care of their skin in a natural way.
Scented with natural essential oils, soft and delicate, reflecting the natural environment where they develop. The Drôme region of Provence, France, where Le Chatelard creates and produces its beautiful products, since 1802.

Content ml 200

Rosemary essential oil 10 ML LE CHATELARD 1802


The Benefits of Rosemary Verbena Essential Oil

The essential oil of rosemary verbenone is recommended to clear the airways in case of bronchial congestion, sinusitis, cold or bronchitis.
Balancing of the nervous system, nervous tonic, stimulant Tonic and stimulant of the nervous system, the essential oil of rosemary to verbenone is used in case of fatigue overwork or exhaustion.
Effective against psoriasis, rosemary essential oil Verbénone accelerates tissue repair and prevents its inflammation, thus participating in healing.